Posted by: dragonfur | February 4, 2020

Spring’s Coming (Eventually)

I’m ready for spring!  Sunday and Monday were beautiful, low 70s and sunshine. Today it’s cloudy, raining mostly, and a bit cooler, but cold is returning tomorrow.  The older I get, the more the cold hurts joints and bones . . .

I did see my first daffodil blooming this morning, or at least starting to open (if it doesn’t get frozen tomorrow night)!  There are many daffodils peeking through the pine needles in the front yard, and tulips beginning to show a leaf or two.  Can’t wait!

Posted by: dragonfur | January 13, 2019

What a Move!

In July last year (2018) we sold our place in north Texas and relocated to northeast Arkansas. Daughter Jennifer & her husband Kevin moved the year before to Heber Springs AR, and due to our age and my husband’s health, we decided it would be a good thing to be closer to her.

The fact that the Dallas/Fort Worth area is growing (waaaay too much!) and prices were going up, traffic was bad EVERYWHERE, and our formerly rural area was no longer rural, played a part in our decision, as well.

I placed out Magic, Radar, and Spirit (egad, I miss those boys!), and planned to have Miss Hope (aged 34) and Miss Polly (35) shipped specially, with plenty of padding and room and rest stops to ensure their comfort.  In the end, they did not make the trip. Hope went into organ failure the week before we were to leave, and my promise to both old mares and their former owner (and my dear friend Virtus), I put them both to sleep together. Their halters hang in my new barn.

We now have 2 1/2 acres with a BIG barn (former workshop), with an attached storage shed and chicken coop/pen. A trio of aged hens were left by the previous owner, so we do get a few eggs from the two younger ones.

Eleven cats, including our barn cat, MomCat, moved with us, along with Blubelle, my powder puff Chinese Crested. MomCat is now a housecat, though–far cry from her original feral status! So many predators around here (we are on the side of a minor mountain): hawks, owls, coyotes, wolves, foxes, bobcats, and the rare (thankfully) cougar and bear. Not to mention a road with a lot of logging trucks not too far away. She has adjusted well, and is pretty happy. Had she not been happy, I would have had to turn her outside and hoped she could survive, but I am ecstatic she has become a happy housecat!

So: Four horses (Buffi, Mustang, Dragon, and of course, Symphony), eleven cats, three chickens, and one dog . . . so far. And beautiful country!

We have 8 60’+ pine trees in our front yard, two fig trees behind the barn, climbing roses on a massive arbor, 16 crape myrtles, 8 rose of sharons, and pear and apple trees in the back yard. We’ve built 4 new stalls in the workshop-turned-horsebarn.

There’s a photo of fall foliage from across the street, and two ice-coated trees from late December. I have to admit, I’m lovin’ it here!

arkansas-23(Blubelle relaxing on the back deck…)

Posted by: dragonfur | October 19, 2018

What’s Done is Done

This past June, Magic, Radar and Spirit went to new homes. It’s so very hard to let go of such great friends & family members!

We sold our Texas home in July. Our daughter, Jennifer, moved to Heber Springs, Arkansas last year, to a good job. North Texas is getting so crowded (by 2030, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is predicted to have 20 million people–bigger than Los Angeles!). Everything is so busy: traffic is awful!

We chose to relocate to Arkansas and found a place outside of Bradford ( partway up the side of a not-so-tall mountain) with 2 1/2 acres, fencing, mobile home, barn (well, shop to convert to a barn), even a chicken pen & coop. So I got busy getting Coggins bloodwork and health certificates for the remaining six horses.

I vacillated for weeks whether to take the two old mares, Hope and Polly–ages 34 and 35, respectively–or euthanize them, worrying about them making an almost 400 mile trip, with their health problems. In the end, I chose to bring them with us. They were healthy and doing well, so they got their vaccinations, Coggins and health certificates as well as the other four youngerts. Even scheduled to have them shipped via a specially equipped rig with frequent stops so they could rest arthritic joints.

The week before we were due to move, Miss Hope suffered kidney failure and had to be put down. I promised them when they came to live with me that they would never be separated. They passed together.

So, here we are in Arkansas. Beautiful land, TALL pine trees, not but one neighbor’s house in sight. And four horses.

I miss my other five. I always will. But at our age, our health, our energy levels (our money), this is the right number to have. And though we still have lots of neighbors nearby, most of them “moo”, and not many drive, play loud music, have pit bulls, etc., etc., etc.!

I will be adding some photos soon. That 60+ foot tall pine tree in the front yard is astounding.

Sometimes change is for the good. Even so, it often hurts. Loving Arkansas, mourning my losses. Life is a contradiction.

Happy Holidays, y’all!

Posted by: dragonfur | December 24, 2017

Miniature Horses For Sale

I am unwillingly needing to part with three (or four) of my beautiful Miniature Horses. We will be moving out of state in a few months, and I have a mini-sized 4-horse trailer, and NINE horses.

Two are very old mares, who will likely (hopefully) be staying behind with a trusted friend.  (If not, I will have them shipped professionally by friends I trust to care properly for them in their advanced age…)

Which leaves SEVEN. Three must find homes before we leave!

Available to approved homes are:

Tinker Toy Crimson Spirit, 2003 sorrel gelding, AMHA registered. He is the “stock-type”, and now that AMHA is allowing stock-type classes, he would be a lovely little halter horse. He qualified as a two-year-old for World Championship Youth Show with a five-year-old boy in Seven & Under Showmanship.  With a little time and update in training, he would make a superb AOTE or Amateur show horse in showmanship, halter, and performance classes, although I’m not certain his temperament would make him suitable as a driving horse. He is athletic and a sweet boy!  $500


Radar, grade Harnessbred Pony, trained to drive, but needs refresher. He was a rescue and it took a while to regain his trust. He is slow to warm to new people, but is ever the gentleman. Easy to handle (not real fond of electric clippers, though), he is happiest when given time to decide it’s HIS idea, not yours. Patience & humor win him over! Exquisite way of going, he has that reaching Standardbred trot, and would make a dynamic CDE horse! 38.5″ tall, Radar is 10 years old in 2017.  $550

Thousand Oaks Stryke’s Southern Gent, aka Mustang, 2005 AMHR gelding, 36″ tall, he’s registered as a silver dapple Appaloosa, though he is actually a silver chocolate varnish roan Appaloosa (AMHR does not recognize silver chocolate or varnish, last I heard).

Mustang is sired by an AMHA World Champion Pleasure Driving Stallion, and is out of an AMHR National Champion Halter mare. He would make a really nice pleasure or show driving horse, and is athletic enough for many of the performance classes in AMHR.  $500

I have not done much with any of these boys (life gets in the way every time I try, it seems), and they are willing and able. They just need someone knowledgeable and patient enough to teach them what they need to learn.

If you are interested in any of the, please call me @ (972) 754-6871.

I will consider a package deal of you want two or all three of them!

ALSO AVAILABLE:  Four-wheel buggy, newly refurbished, suitable for B-size miniature or Shetland Pony, or change the shafts out for a team pole for a smaller pair to pull (not included).  $500

Posted by: dragonfur | November 11, 2016

What the Hell is Wrong with America???

This past Tuesday, the United States elected DONALD TRUMP for president! I am still in disbelief.

How can anyone who has watched his horrible diatribes against immigrants, Muslims, gays, women, people of color, poor people, etc., etc., ad nauseum, have voted for him? I realize Hillary Clinton is not the most popular person (I don’t much care for her myself), but at least she is sane and informed!  Trump is not, and has no apparent interest in BEING informed.

Well, those who thought he would be better than the status quo are in for a quick shock.  The “insiders” he railed against so much, are those he is getting ready to appoint to his cabinet positions. Rudy Guliani, Chris Christie, Jamie Dimon (remember the banking crash of 2006/7 that President Obama–like him or not–managed to save the country from?  Well, Dimon is one of the banking CEOs that helped put us there.)

Both parties are in disarray, although the GOP will probably recover first (already showing signs of genuflection toward Trump–cowards). We are in for a rough ride. Hope we survive.

Posted by: dragonfur | November 11, 2016

R.I.P. My Zenya

My beautiful Zenya. So sweet, so smart, so bright, so funny. 23 months old.

And now she is gone. Wednesday morning, she was fine; her normal playful, funny self. Saturday morning (Feb. 20) she was humanely euthanized, due to a rare, inheritable condition known as “megaesophagus” associated with “disautonomia”.

I hate these words I’ve never heard before! Suddenly, they have taken from me one of the most precious souls in my life. They caused her immense discomfort, and even though the condition MAY have been manageable, the drug that MAY have helped (if we could even find it–it is no longer commercially available) could have taken 2 to 4 months to help. The treatment she would have had to undergo to keep her alive until it was determined whether or not the drug was even helping would have meant her living in a cage, with an e-collar on her. Infection and discomfort, constant dangers.

No, for my beloved Zenya, the kindest thing was to help her across that Rainbow Bridge. I held her to her final breath.

Now, MY pain is constant. No more little games: fetch the wad of paper, chasing the hand under the sheets. No more listening to her talking to herself as she played, alone or with another cat. No more looking to see where she was when going in or out of the door, because she was a champion door-darter. She lived in the bedroom for the most part, because there are residents in my household (including myself) who simply wouldn’t be able to move fast enough if she decided to make a dash for freedom out the front door.

I am a selfish human. I don’t want to hurt like this. I have done it before (Dragon, Wings, Flower, Shadowolf, Bonfire), but it doesn’t get easier, or quicker. As I get older, those old scars on my soul seem to ache in sympathy to the new wound that has been torn in the very fabric of my spirit.

I can sometimes barely breathe from the agony of knowing that I will never see or hear Zenya again. I know it will lessen in time, but the pain is fresh, and I have many hours of heartache before I can inhale again.

I cry some every night at bedtime. I don’t have her to play with, love on, talk to, fuss at…

I miss you, Zenya. May your bright spark be shining brightly somewhere. Here, today, in my world, it is dark.Zenswept

Posted by: dragonfur | February 13, 2015

Garden Growing … Again

My garden has now expanded to 50′ x 50′!  I won’t be planting it all this spring, as some of it needs to age a bit (I’ve been emptying manure and shavings onto the new plots to enrich and “season” the soil.)  Instead of one plot, tilled and planted fence to fence–which has made it REALLY difficult to get through to the back–I have marked out 6 plots of varying sizes, plus about 60% of the original garden area.  I’ve left a path large enough to get the lawn tractor around the fence and between most of the plots (push mower will be necessary for a couple of places), so the weeds won’t be allowed to take over (can’t guarantee the grasshoppers won’t…).

I have onions out, planted at the end of January.  In the next couple of weeks, I will add cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, beets, and whatever else I decide to add for an early spring crop.  Corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, and squash will come later.

Pictures coming later…

Posted by: dragonfur | June 23, 2013



It’s late June, and my garden is going great guns! This is a Black Krim heirloom tomato (that tasted REALLY good after it ripened!) about halfway through its growth.

Fenced in a 20′ x 26′ section in the front horse lot, learned how to use a tiller to till it up, and planted sweet corn, sunflowers, baby lima beans, black-eyed peas, Scarlet Runner beans, Christmas Lima beans, summer and winter squash, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and basil.

The water district has now limited us to watering once a week, which is NOT adequate for heavy feeding veggies like tomatoes (which are in the raised bed–even worse) and squash. I have found a partial solution. The water that I get when I empty, rinse & refill water buckets in the barn every day, I now pour into the wheelbarrow, rather than on the ground. The water gets hauled to a part of one of the gardens and poured onto it(using a bucket–directly dumping it out of the wheelbarrow would be too much too fast, and would damage the plants & wash the dirt away from their roots!). Not enough, but it works so far…

I’ve gotten a TON of tomatoes, a couple of bell peppers, and my first summer squash of the year, and look forward to the rest of the garden starting production. Not long, now!

Posted by: dragonfur | April 30, 2013

Spring Gardening

Last year I built a 4′ x 8′ raised bed garden, which has quickly proved to be nowhere near big enough!  

I’ve looked at the area in the front horse lot where my round pen used to be (it got moved behind the barn, rather than in front), and thinking about all the nice compost there is there.  I put a lot of used shavings & horse manure into the round pen because the black concrete (when it’s dry) or glue (when it’s wet) is not good to exercise horses in.  The shavings/manure gets broken down & packed down, and after a couple of years, there’s a nice layer of compost.

Instead of bringing that lovely compost to a new garden plot, I decided to bring the garden plot to the compost.  I’m fencing in a 26′ x 20′ area, got the tiller out there, and I’m in the process of breaking up the packed ground and loosening up the compost.  Planting will begin next week, barring weather delays!  (The 4’x8′ plot is full of tomato and bell pepper plants.)

I hope to have a decent garden for veggies this summer!  Wish me luck!

Posted by: dragonfur | April 18, 2013

West, Texas

Last night there was an explosion at a plant in the small town of West (between Dallas and Waco, on I-35W).  A fire first, to which a half-dozen volunteer firemen responded.  Cause of the explosion is at this time undetermined, but I’m sure that will change.  Only one of the firemen, one who is a police officer by profession, is accounted for at this time.  He is in hospital with serious injuries.

Nearby homes are gone, railroad tracks are twisted and warped, schools and businesses damaged.  A search and rescue operation going house to house is still underway.  The death toll stands at 5 to 15 (by the media–whether or not law enforcement agrees with that is questionable, as reporters seem to make up “news” as they go along if they have no information!), and injuries at 160.  Both are likely to go up.

First the Boston Marathon, terrorist attack, now this, accident/incident.  Latest in a string of tragedies.  Oh, one other tragedy for this week:  The Republicans in the Senate, along with a few chickenshit Democrats, prevented the background check bill from being voted on.  The NRA owns way too many of our “legislators”.  We need to change that.

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