Posted by: dragonfur | January 4, 2011

187 Mouth Watering

Well, to the chickens, anyway . . .

One of their favorite treats (but not something I’d want on my plate!).




  1. Chicken fixins…mmmm….mmmm! I blew it up to look at them more closely and quickly thought UN-ZOOM! UN-ZOOM! Lots of nice textures in there. I’m trying not to wonder if they are crunchy

  2. From the sounds the chickens make when they’re feasting on them, they ARE crunchy! Forgive me for not trying one myself to find out for sure!

  3. Next time I eat chicken I’ll be thinking of this 🙂

  4. in some cultures they are probably a delicious snack..and come in a variety of flavours! That was a sneaky post title..I clicked on it in anticipation of something yummy!

  5. I used to work in a pet store in college….and those things creep me out! I don’t think I will be eating them anytime soon!

  6. Yuk!

  7. I have to admit… I looked at your image without enlarging it because… well…. because… I CAN’T STAND WORMS! There! I said it! But as far as worms go… they look like good ones.

  8. Now that looks delectable! Where can I get some in NJ? 🙂

  9. Glad I’m not a chicken!!

  10. LOL! Love your sense of humor. 😀

  11. Good twist! I’m sure the chickens do find them mouthwatering, perhaps some people too.

    This is a good example of the variety of interpretations of a subject that can be had!

  12. Um….ick?? Nice shot, though…

  13. Gross…lol! I’ll stick with really food but neat shot!

  14. Ahhhh…mouthwatering….chickens….Great take on the theme and nice texture.

  15. eeeew! I really don’t MIND earthworms but anything that looks vaguely like maggots turns my stomach! Glad the chickens can enjoy them!

  16. I’m glad you didn’t do a closeup of those….. 😉
    fun for the theme

  17. Glad the chickens find them mouthwatering. Not so much for me! LOL

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