Posted by: dragonfur | January 4, 2011

66 Curves

There’s a pretty decent, growing transit rail system, supplementing the bus transit system in Dallas and Tarrant counties, and part of Collin county (where I live).  The stations where the trains stop are interesting to me architecturally, with attractive arches overhead at most of them.  (Some are underground, so no arches there.)  This is a photo I took of the arches of the very end of the line in Plano, TX.  I love the way they look, the graceful curves of the arches.



  1. Agreed – quite attractive!

  2. would you mind sharing how you did that? I’m very new to Elements.

    • i sent you a private email describing the method. Hope it works for you. Play with it, and have fun! If you’ll check my photos on Elements Village, you’ll see a couple more examples, one with several round ones on it. I’m listed as Lionsleeps on EV. “Ladies’ Driving Circle” and “Showtime” are the two examples I have posted on there currently.

  3. Subtle, butvery effective way of emphasizing those repeating arches.

  4. Nice to have some interesting architecture on public buildings instead of the same old same old!

  5. Wow, I would have never guessed that to be a train station…it looks more like a modern museum or something.

  6. I like the effect you used to emphasize the arches.

  7. A real feature…I love some of the train stations here in England..equally beautiful curves, but of a Victorian style. Great photo style…will have to try and imitate it!

  8. Very interesting architecture especially for train stations. Our train stations look like train stations.

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