Posted by: dragonfur | January 6, 2011

205 On A Farm

Speaking of chickens . . . This is Thela (pronounced Thay-Lah), one of my Americauna hens.  She wasn’t sure she liked the camera lens, and got up on the roost to give it a closer look.  Handsome lady, isn’t she?  (And the smallest of all my hens.)  And like all Americauna hens, the eggs she lays have pale green (or blue) shells.  I hope to get a photo or two of some of those unusual eggs later!



  1. Quite handsome and it looks like she’s quite curious too. Love the composition and I think the background really makes Thela stand out. Wonderful shot!

  2. So that’s where Sam-I-Am got his eggs! I love the inquisitive look on her face.

  3. Thela is walking the plank! I hope you get a shot of those pretty eggs soon.

  4. Thela is quite the lady. I *love* chickens and roosters … so take loads of photos and share them.

  5. Crisp and colorful image.

  6. Ok, she is beautiful!

  7. Beautiful hen. We lost our Americaunas were lost to the fox around here. we sure miss them. Great shot! I look forward to seeing more of your chickens!

  8. I’m not sure I’d let her any closer…it looks like she might eat the camera lol Fabulous, fabulous image!!!!

  9. goodlooking hen, looking forward to se the eggs, never seen any in those colors

  10. Never thought I would say this – that is a great expression the chicken’s face. Nice shot. Love the detail

  11. I think she looks like a diva! Glad you shot her with some chicken wire in the photo!

  12. I love that pose! How is that breed different from Aracauna?

    • The Americauna is a hybrid of the Aracauna, crossed with other breeds (I forget which ones) to produce a hardier, healthier bird than the Aracauna. Same green eggs (or blue-green, in the case of one of my girls), same beautiful chicken.

  13. Nice shot and I’m looking forward to you showing off some eggs. Our children were always amazed by the Aracuanas at their aunt’s farm and those lovely eggs.

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