Posted by: dragonfur | January 7, 2011

277 Something About You

Back in October I went with a friend to the North Texas Pony Sale, which sells Shetland Ponies, Welsh Ponies, grade (non-purebred) ponies, and Miniature Horses at auction.  I went as a spectator, but there was one little yearling Appaloosa mini stallion that I kept going back to look at.  He had a beautiful head, nice high set neck, and lovely action, and, of course, he was Appy!  When he came up in the sale, I found my hand in the air (more than once, well . . more than 3 times!), and I came home with the little guy.  He has been named Dragonstar, and I had to say, “There’s just something about you that made me want to bring you home . . .”

Rained this weekend, so everything’s muddy (Texas blackland takes forever to dry in the wintertime), so everyone’s in their stalls, which is why DS is looking out through his gate in boredom.  Ain’t he cute???



  1. He’s very cute! Is there really a star lurking somewhere under his forelock?

    • There really is a star! I have NO doubt that before the year is out, you will have more than one opportunity to see that star. lol

  2. Easy to see why you fell for him – can’t wait to see the star!

  3. He’s beautiful! I love Appaloosas (second only to Pintos.) That’s a really beautiful shot of a beautiful horse.

  4. Aww, he’s adorable! Thanks for sharing his photo.

  5. I love that gentle eye….what a classic beauty!

  6. He is a cutie! My nieces ride. I think when horses get in your blood, you are in big trouble! LOL 🙂

  7. He looks like he’s talking to you…

  8. What a lovely animal. You captured a great expression on his beautiful face.

  9. Wow! How could you NOT come home with a pony…right?!?! Too cute!

  10. Nice photo

  11. I love minis but not a good mix with my big guys. Looks like he could be loads of fun.

  12. Oh, he is sweet! Will be fun to see the whole package someday. Nice portrait!

  13. A beautiful story and a beautiful portrait of a beautiful horse.

  14. Yes, he is very cute, would you believe I had no camera in the days I had horses.

  15. He’s a cutie! I’ve never seen an Appy mini. Does he have a blanket?

    • Several layers of blankets! It got down to 17º last night. He has a fleece blanket liner, a lined blanket, and a turnout sheet, which is a horse-sized windbreaker, to help hold his body heat in. That, with a lot of hay, is keeping him nicely comfy!

      • :). That’s good to know! What I should have asked was how much of a blanket does he have? On his rump? Or does it extend further up his midsection? Guess I was trying to get a pic in my mind’s eye. It must be so nice to live where you cam have horses without having to go to a stable.

      • LOL I misunderstood you when you asked if he had a blanket! He was bodyclipped in October before he went through the sale where I bought him, so he’s been blanketed all winter (something I don’t generally like to do–I figure Ma Nature is better at it than I am!). Since it’s gotten so cold, that’s been on my mind–making sure he is warm enough, so that’s what was in my mind! He has both dark bay spots and white spots, but not exactly a blanket!. lol
        Rest assured, there will be MORE photos of him, spots and all, throughout the year!

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