Posted by: dragonfur | January 8, 2011

248 Round

A round pen is a wonderful training aid for horses of all sizes and breeds.  It can be used for exercise or training, humanely or abusively.  It can be made of anything from wire to wood to steel panels, with a gate or just a space, or even no space–just move a panel to go in or out.

This is my round pen–actually part of two different ones–well used, and in desperate need of painting.  I use it regularly, but not so often for running horses in circles.  (There are soooo many other fun things I can do with my horses, why just run them in circles?  Boring for both of us!)



  1. I have a good friend who has a horse farm. I’m hoping to capture some good shots of her babies this year – maybe in May when the new ones are born.

  2. Unique image for the theme…I love how bare the foreground is…it really brings attention to the round fencing!

  3. Good use of theme in this round enclosure.

  4. O, I used to run my horses in round pens…those were good days…good memories.

  5. We have our round pen in a hoop building which helps moderate the weather. Still too cold right now to do much out there. Nice to see it used for the round theme.

  6. I had to tell you I watched a special on little horses yesterday. It was really interested and had everyone here saying they wanted one.

    Do you you think they like the round pen or the open rectangle type pastures better?

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