Posted by: dragonfur | January 9, 2011

15 Barren

After a comment about the bare ground around the round pen, I thought I’d add a shot of my pasture.  Usually we seed winter rye in September or October but this year we had a serious fall drought (and no money for seed), so nothing got done–does no good to seed during a drought;  there’s no water to help it germinate, and the birds feast on it so that when it does rain, there’s no grass seed left to grow.  So this year for the first time in 5 years, we have NO grass.  My hay bill goes way up in the winters I don’t have grass!  Seriously depressing, but temporary.  (Hopefully)

The last time my pasture looked like this was in 2005-2006.  We had a truly serious drought that had the lake we live near (Lake Lavon) at only 38% full.  There were parts of the lake that were visible that hadn’t been seen since the lake was filled 40+ years ago!



  1. Hope you see some rain soon Sunny! How far away do you have to get your hay/feed from?

  2. both the story and th epicture define “barren.” I hope the drought ends soon.

  3. Definitely barren. Hope you get some rain soon.

  4. I am doing a rain dance for you…(now that would be a picture) lol

    My husband’s parents live on a lake in North Platte and this is the first time it has been full in several years…our area is just getting out of our drought…maybe the rain will head your way this year! very barren and kinda depressing after knowing the story! Your image speaks a thousand words!

    • No need for the rain dance. The drought ended last week. We haven’t dried out since. Today, we’re getting rain, followed by snow, followed by freezing rain and sleet tonight. I’m seeing tiny tufts of grass, both fescue and rye, starting to come up. It’s late and little, but the guys may get a bit of green grass this winter yet!

  5. Oh, I hope your drought ends soon. This is a truly barren image.

  6. I sympathize with you! Here on the northern plains,it’s either feast or famine or drought or flood! We had a very wet fall and now lots of snow and they say this week will be very cold too. So many extremes! I love the written details you add to your photos so I can “learn more about it” Will be hoping for some green images shortly from you.

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