Posted by: dragonfur | January 9, 2011

43 Challenge/Challenging

This Texas blackland is an interesting geological anomaly.  It’s a strip that runs NNE to SSW from just below the Oklahoma/Texas state border to just above the Texas/Mexico border.  The rest of the state is mostly sandy loam or clay (largely clay).  Where it came from, I couldn’t tell you, but it can be quite a challenge in wet weather.

I have a trek of about 60 feet from the front gate to the barn, and when needing to move hay, feed, or other heavy items by wheelbarrow (can’t even think of getting the lawn tractor out in it!), that 60 feet becomes about 600 miles!  Even with a partial brick pathway, that I will eventually get to the barn–I hope.  The gap in the middle will go away, too, as I’ve learned that doesn’t work too well:  when I’m hauling the wheelbarrow, I can’t see it, and I’m still in the mud!

This was taken standing in the barn aisle.  It was beginning to dry out (which it no longer is, as it has rained all day today), but you can still see the footprints on either side of the brick path.



  1. I like the look of this photo when blown up. Good job!

  2. Interesting presentation shot and story of your everyday life. I don’t want to swith place with you on a muddy day!

  3. What great textures…I’m not so sure I would want to walk on that…I would be flat on my face lol

    • One thing I can tell you, Tammy, is if you stop, you stick. I have walked out of a mudboot before, and let me say that next step is truly NASTY! lol

  4. Great use of textures.

  5. A definite challenge. Nice shot with the footprints and grass stubble.

  6. You caught nice texture and details in this. There must be a benefit to this strip of soil somewhere along the way. Hope it gets better for you.

  7. The soil looks OK when it’s wet, much more promising than the ‘barren’ from last week! Finishing off that brick path is your next challenge!

  8. One of the downsides of horse ownership – they need to be fed, and watered, and stalls cleaned, regardless of the lousy weather. Great shot of a daily challenge!

  9. I can see where pushing a wheelbarrow would be quite the effort –almost like pushing a grocery cart on a snowy uncleared parking lot! Hang in there!

  10. A challenge for sure! Losing a boot to the mud is no fun. Trouble is when it would be pleasant weather to work on the brick path you won’t need it…

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