Posted by: dragonfur | January 11, 2011

190 Multiples (Snowflakes)

Photo of my little homemade barn, with snowflakes falling all over.  Not something we’re all that used to in Texas (except the panhandle), but we’ve seen quite a bit the last two winters.  (And you see the “doors” at either end of the barn are tarps!  Hey, they work.)

Don’t know what time zone WordPress is in, but here it is, 7:02 pm CST, and the date says 01-11-2011.  If yesterday was the 9th (and it was!), I think that makes today the 10th, not the 11th.  Ten days, and I haven’t missed a post yet!



  1. there is a place in the settings where you can pick a city in the same time zone to get it right…I have their time system!

    We had that all day here as well….8″ and still snowing (although you expect that in Nebraska and not Texas)!

  2. Loe the bright, almost startling, blue of the barn.

  3. Great use of selective coloring. I’m enjoying your tour and your mini stallion is adorable.

  4. I love your blue tarp doors! Thought that was only a Wa. State thing. Odd winter all around

  5. I haven’t changed my time settings either. Makes me feel like a time traveler, since my “site stats” shows comments for tomorrow already! I am having a hard time gathering sympathy for anybody in Texas dealing with snow. We might get another foot tomorrow! MAKE. IT. STOP!

    • I found the time underSettings and changed it. Wow! A moment ago it was Jan 12, now it’s Jan 11. Will wonders never cease!

      This weather has made me move my chickens back indoors for a couple of days. They expect it to drop to 13º tonight, and 17º tomorrow night. The tarp I put on top of the chicken pen is dripping as the snow melts, and the birds and the entire pen was wet, a bad combination with temperatures that low. I didn’t want to wake up to chicky-sicles in the morning, so they are in the storage room again. (Ugh!) They’re not much happier than I am about that, but they ARE warmer. And safer.

  6. I too am enjoying your posts from your home and surrounds, can’t wait for your weather to improve so you’ll be able to post more scenic shots of where you live and the animals you share your home with.

  7. Nice catch of the snowflakes coming down.

  8. Nice capture of the snowflakes against the dark and blue of the barn.

  9. Those tarps come in very handy for many things. Glad to see we aren’t the only ones who make do with temporary fixes sometimes. Sympathize with your poor hens .

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