Posted by: dragonfur | January 12, 2011

363 Winter

This line of trees is between the (mobile, er, manufactured) housing addition in which I live (along with all my critters!) and the lake.  This magnificent fur tree is so beautiful whenever the snow drapes it with crystalline white.  I just love it in the winter. (And, it looks like a little one is following in it’s Mom’s ???, Dad’s??? footsteps??? rootsteps?????????)



  1. Beautiful wintery scene of mom and baby! 🙂

  2. Definitely winter-y! I hope that little tree gets to grow as big as the other

  3. Lovely shot. And great eye for the similarity. This picture makes me think of a postcard I once saw.

  4. The tree does have a lovely shape to it and looks extra special with its sprinkling of snow.

  5. What a beautiful winter scene! Greatphoto and perfect representation of winter!

  6. Lovely winter scene.

  7. Pretty, we have a tree like that here and I always love the way it looks with the snow on it!!

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