Posted by: dragonfur | January 13, 2011

129 Glass

This was my rain gauge during the snow.  I played with the color only around the framing area.  (Don’t ask me how I did it, I really don’t remember!  I should start writing it down, but so many times, it’s just something I’m messing around with and find I like the effect.  Then I find I cannot duplicate the effect!)  I never thought a rain gauge was particularly attractive, but I like this one!



  1. What an intriguing effect. It looks like a faded daguerreotype. (I confess I looed up the spelling, and I’m still not sure I got it right.)

  2. whatever it is that you did, I like it!

  3. Thanks for your persistence and choosing an unusual subject for the theme. I like it!

  4. Love the snow surrounding and in the rain gauge…cool processing too!

  5. This is a really interesting photo. I never would have guessed what it is…

  6. Very nice framing of an interesting subject.

  7. Turned out really nice!

  8. I think that’s now officially a ‘snow gauge’ agree with the others on a great processing effort.

  9. I sure like your processing and your framing—is that a difficult to do framing technique?? Sure sets off your photo nicely.

    • The hardest part is remembering what I did for the effects on the frame! The basic part is to make a selection of the area you want framed, then transfer it to a new layer (Command J, or Control J on a PC, I think). Then I put a bevel around the top layer, click on the fx that then shows up on the menu of your layers on the right. From there, I can add a drop shadow and/or inner or outer glow, or just about whatever I want.
      Changing the color of the frame is a bit more involved. I usually add another layer of the original, so I’m not working off the original, and alter the color, blur, or whatever. Shows up just around the edges of the frame.

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