Posted by: dragonfur | January 14, 2011

200 Nine

First, we got rain.  Then we got snow.  Then we got a partial melt, followed by an arctic freeze.  The chicken pen was flooded, then the melting snow dripped through the tarp covering on top.  The birds were wet from top and bottom.

When the 17º cold arrived, I was worried that the chicken ladies would freeze or get frostbite, at the least.  Sooo . . . I moved them into the house.  The storage room (an extra bedroom) to be exact–one that’s mostly unusable anyway, due to a previous roof leak that damaged the ceiling, outer walls and floor.  Good for . . . well, chickens in the house!

One or two chickens would be OK as housepets, maybe.  But NINE?

(Taken before the latest round of winter weather arrived, obviously!)



  1. You obviously have an empathetic nature – the chickens will thankyou by being good layers.

  2. Poor chickens. I hope they don’t make too much noise or mess in your house

  3. very creative for the theme. I don’t think chickens for housepets is a good idea. Lucky for them to get inside for a while

  4. Oh my! The things you have to do to keep all the small lives alive and scratching!

  5. The chickens thank you. Hope the weather gets better soon.

  6. I hope the chickens appreciate you!

  7. I’d say you have your hands full! Now that is a job! 🙂

  8. We’ve had calves and lambs in the house for a day or so but never chickens! Do they get sick easily when exposed to stress and weather like that??

    • Chickens are easily stressed by the unfamiliar (like moving), and can have all sorts of problems when stressed. They are pretty cold tolerant, but like any furred animal, cold is OK, wet is OK, cold and wet is NOT OK. (They get frostbite on their combs and wattles, and sometimes their feet, and they can get hypothermia, as well.)

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