Posted by: dragonfur | January 15, 2011

214 – Pampered

This is Blubelle, a powder puff Chinese Crested.  Her coat is short because she was clipped last fall by a know-not groomer who thought the only way to get rid of a few mats was to cut them off.  It takes 2 years for a ppCC’s coat to fully grow back.  😦

Monday she will go to a (new) groomer to get a proper ppCC clip.  Photos of her new elegant (though still short-haired) look will come soon after!

Belle is the first small dog I’ve ever had, and what a difference between a little dog and a big one!  She’s amazingly smart, and funny, and entirely too energetic!

She is spoiled rotten!  She chases the cats (when they deign to run from her), sleeps in the bedroom with me, curls up in my Papasan chair, and goes to the beauty shop (something even I don’t do!).  She is truly a Pampered princess!






  1. Circus dog! My cat does this for treats too.

  2. Who could resist such a look?

  3. looks so loveable so I understand she’s hard to resist – and she knows it and take advantage of it ofcourse 😉

  4. She posed very nicely for you. What a ham!

  5. You captured her energetic personality perfectly…she is just adorable!

  6. Beautiful portrait of a beautiful animal.

  7. I don’t care WHAT she’s supposed to look like, she is adorable just as she is!!! You have sure shot a nice portrait of her. The black really sets her off beautifully.

  8. She’s cute and of course posing for her ‘mom’!!

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