Posted by: dragonfur | January 21, 2011

226 Portrait

As promised, here is the face of the window washer, who was kind enough to pose for me when I asked him.  (I love the puzzled look on people’s faces when you ask them out of the blue if you can photograph them!)  Doesn’t he have an interesting face?




  1. he really does have an interesting face! I’m glad he let you take his picture

  2. He does…and the portrait works so well with the sleek windows of the building in the background for context.

  3. You are brave, girl…I get nervous asking strangers to take their pics….I need to work on that! This is a wonderful portrait…the character in his face is wonderful! I too like the background of windows!

  4. A strong portrait of a working man.

  5. Fascinating how you captured the character of ordinary people we meet in our daily lives

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