Posted by: dragonfur | January 22, 2011

132 Green



  1. Are all the traffic lights horizontal like this in the US? Green still means go right!

    • No. Most lights are red on top, green on the bottom, with amber in the middle. This one is because a great deal of heavy equipment traffic goes underneath it, and they didn’t want to keep replacing it every time a tall one came through. To me, this makes more sense anyway. Vertical lights catch a lot more wind in storms and high-wind days (of which we have quite a few), as well as hanging lower for tall trucks to catch and such.

      Green means “right” in Australia? Means “go” here. Red is “stop,” and amber (or yellow) is “Either hurry up or stop–it’s about to turn red.” Well, that’s my interpretation of it, anyway. What color is “left”? And what is “stop” and “go”? I thought, for some reason, they were the same everywhere. lol

      • Green means go the same as in the US, my adding the word right after it was a form of saying OK ….Get it?

      • Get it! lol

  2. Different to see a horizontally-mounted light, but it really makes more sense, when you think about it. City engineers, consider this! 🙂

    • I agree wholeheartedly. I wonder who came up with vertical-mounted rather than horizontal ones in the first place???

  3. We have the green light to head on over to the University! Nice find!

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