Posted by: dragonfur | January 26, 2011

275 Snack or Treat

Well, I posted the chickens’ treat earlier this month, so now I thought I’d post Blubelle’s favorite snacks!  Again, not my taste, but somewhat better than mealyworms, anyway!




  1. My cat Jackson loves Greenies treats!

  2. We give Greenies to our cats. It’s suppose to help their teeth. Does Bluebelle have minty fresh breath?

  3. My dogs used to love those…but they have a bad habit of swallowing stuff whole and choked on one…all ended well, but now I don’t give them those any more!

  4. seemes like nice treats but I have the same problem as Tammy, my dog swallows treats to. I fing that a bit softer treats works better

  5. Isn’tit sa withte quick fading tan 😦 and theb we have to use some fake in tubes …. A perfect choice for G, very creative. The second one with the wiew looks vey tempting!

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