Posted by: dragonfur | January 27, 2011

228 Precious

Another Blubelle shot.  This is after I (finally!) took her to the groomer, and they clipped her hairy little face.  Now she’s not just cute, but elegant, too.  🙂

This was taken during our last walk of the day, after dark, around 8:00 pm.  We must be very careful when we go out in the dark, because the coyote population has grown drastically the last few years.  There are very few outdoor cats left around here, and no kittens or puppies.  We have full-stomached coyotes here.

They aren’t even afraid of humans much anymore.  My SIL went out on the porch at 2:30 am and discovered a coyote lounging on the porch! I had been given a used cat tree, and my guess is the coyote was waiting around, drawn by the feline scent on the tree, hoping for a kitty snack.

I am as careful as I can be to watch out for Belle when we go out.  (Now if I can just get her fully housebroken!)




  1. Cute dog. Sound awful to have coyotes that close

  2. Lovely dog…the coyotes so close is really scary.

  3. Glad you are keeping a close eye on her. Too bad the coyotes are so out of control.

  4. I would hate having coyotes around…I would be scared to death to let my dogs and cats out! Your pup is just a cutie…I am loving that haircut -so sophisticated!

  5. She is so cute!! Fargo, my great dane, chased off some coyotes last night. They don’t mess with a 160lb dog. lol.

  6. Coyotes on your porch!! No way. Bluebelle is too gorgeous to lose.

  7. Hang on tight to that strap so she doesn’t pull away from you if she gets scared

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