Posted by: dragonfur | January 29, 2011

92 Eyes

I couldn’t decide which photo of “Eyes” to use, so I used all 3 of my favorites!  So, here is Blubelle, Dragonstar, and Bonfire.

Here’s lookin’ at ya!  lol



  1. I love that first one!! I am really hoping for a blue eye or two to surprise me on a foal sometime. Expecting 2 foals this year so here’s hoping!!

  2. Wow, you were right there when I posted it! I’ve rearranged now, so the blue eye is the last one rather than the first. (Takes me two or three tries to get it the way I like it sometimes!) Thanks! And I hope you get blue eyes in your babies, too!

    BTW: Bonfire has 1 1/2 blue eyes. The left one is blue on top and brown on bottom, and I can never seem to get a good photo that shows that. I’ll keep trying . . .

  3. Nice….Bonfire is my favorite.

  4. Bonfire is my favorite…that red brown coat is amazing and really shows off his gentle eye!

  5. Here’s looking back at you! I like the last shot. I think it’s the angle of the camera.

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