Posted by: dragonfur | January 30, 2011

32 Burgundy

Here’s a slightly different twist on a color theme.  Burgundy is the TYPE of olive in this can.  They are canned with jalapenos, and I have it on good authority that they are HOT olives.  Haven’t worked up the nerve to open them and try them yet.  Don’t like the hot stuff as much as I used to.

The photo was slight out of focus, due to low lighting in the kitchen and slow shutter speed, but High Pass helped it somewhat.  Still not great, but it’s a can of olives, for Pete’s sake, I’m not interested in taking a lot of time to photograph that (unless they want to pay me for it–I’ll take all the time in the world, then!)

UPDATE Feb. 2:  I finally got the nerve up to open the can and sample the “very hot” olives inside.  To paraphrase:  Heat is in the tongue of the beholder.  Not very hot after all!

They are an interesting color.  Burgundy/brown on the outside, and maroon/pinkish on the inside.  Tasty with a slight heat, not nearly as bad as I’d been afraid!  They are destined to adorn an egg salad!  Yum!



  1. Go on, I dare you to try them, have a drink ready. I love the way advertising uses word combinations to trick us about what they’re actually peddling.

  2. Ugh. No thanks, I’ll pass. No “Spicy Ranchero” olives for me.

  3. Hot burgundy Pearls, Ilike the choice for the theme. I prefer the taste of lemon to the olives and I sometimes buy a can with them stuffed with that. Otherwise the natural form are great, and the variety there is of them….

  4. I like the theme fulfillment. Otherwise, I’m a plain black olive person. I’m holding out for cherry season when extra ripe bings are burgundy-colored.

  5. I think you got the point across lol my boys would probably love those, but my stomach is getting too old lol

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