Posted by: dragonfur | February 2, 2011

6 Animal (Coyote Tracks)

Early the other morning I saw a big coyote (probably the same one that rests on the front porch sometimes) going down the driveway.  The next morning I found his tracks in the mud of the driveway.




  1. That looks like one huge coyote! He would probably think my dogs were coyote food! 🙂

    • He is hanging around the neighborhood because of all the cats and small dogs (that used to be there). There are no cats outside at all anymore, and the people who’s small dogs are still alive, have gotten a lot smarter about letting them run loose outside. Sad way to learn a hard lesson! And he IS big.

      Might be an older one, and has found it’s easier to hunt pets than to hunt wildlife for food. He raids trashcans, too. Pretty good signs he’s old, and maybe not so good at hunting anymore. This way he still gets to eat regularly–for a while, anyway.

  2. Poor cats and dogs! I hope you don’t meet him face-to-face anytime soon.

  3. That is a BIG print! Do you have a plan to get him removed?

    • I will not try to get him removed, because in Texas they assume the coyotes are all rabies-positive, and destroy them automatically. He deserves to live, too. I’ll just keep alert, and scare him if possible should I run across him face-to-face (as long as he’s not cornered!). I want him to be wary of humans, but not necessarily dead. He’s a survivor. I don’t want to be the one to take that away from him.

  4. Oh my…that is one large paw print

  5. Very cool. You should take a picture next to your hand for scale. I have a picture like that of Fargo’s pawprint with my hand next to it and it is bigger than my hand. lol Great job!!

  6. a great pawprint and as the above says it’s always nice to put something in the shot to show the actual size better

  7. That’s a heck of a print. Wouldn’t want to meet up with that old trickster in a dark alley…

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