Posted by: dragonfur | February 3, 2011

339 Two

OK.  Time for hairballs on legs photo!  This is Symphony and Kittyhawk, two of Ladyhawk’s three offspring I have (Mustang is the third).  I was just trying to get some horse photos to satisfy Ron D.  He’s been fussing about me not posting my horses.

Symphony is 20 months old now–what is known as a “coming two-year-old”.  Her half sister Kitty, is coming six.  Symphony is taller than Kitty now.  I think she’s going to be around 36″ tall!




  1. if I send you my address, will they come play with me? I have a yard! 🙂

  2. They look so soft

  3. Maybe you can post a pic of a person with the horses to show us just how small they are?

    • Bobbi: Check out my other blog “Dragonfur’s Blog.” I just posted a couple of photographs. Neither are the two horses in this photo (who both stand 32″), but one is taller and one is shorter. Should give you an idea of the size!

  4. They are sooooo adorable…I just want to pet them.

  5. Love them in their Winter Woolies Thank you heaps.

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