Posted by: dragonfur | February 4, 2011

30 Breakfast

Here, finally, are the amazing eggs produced by my feathered ladies.  (I love all my pets, but these are the only ones that give me breakfast!)

The colors are pretty accurate:  The Silver-Laced Wyandottes lay the brown-yellow ones, the lone Black Australorp lays the rosy pink/beige ones, and the Americaunas lay the ice blue to avocado green ones.  Colors were not enhanced!




  1. wow. I have never seen those blue/green ones before. Very nice!

  2. Beautiful delicate colors! Do the difffernt eggs have different flavors?

  3. I never knew that eggs came in so many different shades – tell the girls how clever I think they are!

  4. the eggs look lovely, here you can only find brown and white ones (in stores that is). Fresh eggs like that is absolute the best you can get and I like the way you show the different colors

  5. I am loving the different colors of eggs…looks like you are already geared up for Easter! 🙂

  6. Good girls! How are the Americaunas different from Aracaunas? Bigger eggs?

    • The Auracanas are the “pure” breed. The Americaunas are a hybrid breed, bred from Auracanas and other breeds, for hardier birds, and different-colored eggs. If you’re really interested, there’s an online article about the Americaunas that’s most enlightening about the breed–both breeds.

      • I love when people get obsessed and it is nice to know chicken breeds have their fans. Thanks for the link, hope it has warmed up.

  7. lovely looking pastels look good enough to eat

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