Posted by: dragonfur | February 8, 2011

56 Comfy & Cozy

Four of my cats, two Oriental Shorthairs, Shadowolf and Mithlin, and two rescue kitties, Moonsilk and China Blue, lounging on the bed on one of the recent COOOLLLLDDDDD days.  They are privileged, and they know it!  You can see it in their faces, as they lie together, all comfy and cozy!



  1. very comfy and cozy! my cats will sleep near each other, sometimes touching, but never in a pile like that

  2. Awww, so cute!! Snuggly buggly!

  3. That black beauty looks a bit miffed at the camera, sweet shot.

  4. Gorgeous pic of the four of them enjoying a catnap.

  5. I think I want to crawl in and cuddle with them! This is way too cute!

  6. They do look very comfy and cozy.

  7. Those oriental shorthairs have amazingly narrow faces. Quite an exotic look! Nice to see 4 in harmony as that would never happen here.

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