Posted by: dragonfur | February 11, 2011

302 The Letter A (is for Appaloosa)

This is Dragonstar, my newest addition.  I can’t wait to get some good, slicked-off spring/summer shots of him, and see how he’s developing (coming two-year-old, he’s still growing and changing).  This boy’s going to make a great driving horse!  He stands currently 33 1/2 inches tall.

We were in the round pen, a must-have training aid, and he wasn’t too sure whether to come to me or run from me.  He hasn’t quite figured me out yet, but that’s OK.  We get to learn about each other, together!

He was 16 months old when I got him, and had had only the barest minimum of handling.  He was afraid of everything, but he’s showing he’s going to be pretty level-headed when he matures. He’s a quick study, but a bit of a brat.  (Testosterone will do that, and he’s the equine equivalent of a 16-year-old!  You know, all hormones and no brains!)




  1. I love the spots on his tush. I hope we get to watch him grow up a bit!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun and games ahead for the both of you.

  3. So fuzzy still! Looking forward to more shots as he grows.

  4. Speaking from experience (two 17 yr olds)…I don’t envy you! lol What a beauty!

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