Posted by: dragonfur | February 20, 2011

177 Metallic

This little pewter figurine is one of several dragon ones I have.  The main figure is of an elfin sorceress with a hologram of a cat face in the “mirror” behind her.  To her left is a pedestal with her book of spells, and to her right is another pedestal bearing her winged cat and, spiraled around the base, a diminutive dragon!  Hard to see in the photo (sorry!), and actually in real life, too.  The entire thing is 3″ tall.  You really need to see it full size to catch the details.

Since it is made of pewter, I thought “Metallic” would work for the theme (although “Spiral” would have, too–maybe a close-up of the tiny dragon for that one!).  A most unusual figurine, which is why I liked it enough to buy it!




  1. That is very unusual, but oh so cool! I love the bright orange/yellow cat against the pewter, it really brings this statue and image alive!

  2. All those little details come up in the enlarged version including some cobwebs!
    Is it a paperweight?

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