Posted by: dragonfur | February 21, 2011

314 The Letter M (Maggie the Mastiff)

When my friend was out of town for her father’s funeral, I took care of her horses and her dogs.  The lovely golden retriever posted last month was one, Maggie is another.  (There is Remington, a Boston terrier, who is the third of three.  Might get his photo up at a later time.)

While the weather was nice, the three hound-ka-teers were outside for the day.  This was my greeting every evening.  Looks like she’s smiling, doesn’t she?  It was a pleasure to see her each day!




  1. OMGoodness is she cute! I love that pink tongue and that look of “hurry up, let’s play”

  2. well, hello there, Ms. Maggie. What a great way to start the morning.

  3. Maggie looks adorable and I can only imagine how big she must be judging by the size of her head in this pic.

  4. What a beautiful dog, and she gave you such a nice pose! Are you going to cut her nails or does she go out for her manicures?

  5. What a nice, bright-eyed gal! She looks very playful.

  6. I love this photo. I paws and that wonderful face. . . great!

  7. Love her!! What a beautiful girl! My Fargo would love her too!! lol

  8. Beautiful and charming. Her face has so much character. I love seeing the paws on the window sill (?).

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