Posted by: dragonfur | February 23, 2011

45 Childhood

My childhood coincided with the rise of John Wayne as the premier star of his time.  I loved him and saw almost all of his movies, from McClintock to Hellfighters.  It was a wonderful thing to me to discover that my future (now long-time current) husband was also a huge John Wayne fan!  Between us, we have an almost complete movie collection of his movies, and from time to time, we have a Duke-fest, watching as many of our favorite John Wayne movies as we can fit into one day.

For Christmas my daughter bought my husband a John Wayne package:  an alarm clock, a blanket, a calendar, and a tin to store it all in.  It brought back a lot of childhood memories, seeing that picture of the Duke astride the big chestnut he used in several movies.  The alarm clock resides atop the tin beside my husband’s bed.  (I think I’m jealous.)




  1. Nicely composed and photographed.

  2. Oh these are great..what a great gift! My dad was really into John Wayne, so I think I have seen every movie out there lol

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