Posted by: dragonfur | March 1, 2011

305 The Letter D (Dragon)

Another shot, another angle of one of the two dragons in “Sharp”.  I played with Select, Drop Shadows, and Inner and Outer Glow – oh yes, and Gaussian Blur and Brightness/Contrast.  Just playing around.  That’s what’s so much fun about Photoshop!  And although I used CS3 for this one, most if not all effects can be duplicated with Elements:  even the crystal ball (take a closer look!)




  1. fun processing! I haven’t done any real playing around like that (yet).

  2. Wow! Colorful, vivid and exciting! It’s a good thing we don’t run into these bad boys in dark alleys or forests!

  3. Very nice effects. The framing makes it feel like you are moving down a tunnel to the dragon.

  4. Fantasy at it’s best, you processing is just perfect! This would be a very cool wall hanging.

  5. nice and colorful. the framing gives a great depth to the shot

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