Posted by: dragonfur | March 3, 2011

330 Three

Three ladies, all related.  Mama Ladyhawk in the background, Symphony and half sister Kittyhawk in front.  And no, it’s not the same photo as Two or One, although it was taken at the same time, and is of the same horses (well, Symphony, of course!)

Running out of photos on file, working from dark to dark.  Oh, what ever will I do?????  If I can make it to Sunday, maybe I can drag the trusty Nikon out and about with me–in the rain–and collect a handful of new shots, until the next sunny day (when I’m off and not working ridiculous amounts of OT).

OT is good, for now.  I retire at the end of June (can’t wait!!!), so extra money between now and then will be a good thing!  Unfortunately, it leaves me struggling to find daylight for photography, and time at all for horses, cats, dogs, and family.  Four more months . . .




  1. These three are so beautiful and I like the framing. Next Sunday is the clock change, so hopefully you’ll find a little more daylight.

  2. Wonderful image. How many do you have?

    • Thank you all! I just love my miniature horses. The package is smaller, but the heart is as big as the biggest draft horse!

      Sheila, I currently have 8: 4 mares & fillies, 3 geldings, and 1 stallion (future gelding).

  3. This makes me want one, although I don’t think my backyard is big enough lol They are so pretty!

  4. What beautiful horses. Love this photo.

  5. Love their bright little happy faces. So sweet!

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