Posted by: dragonfur | March 4, 2011

103 Fences

T posts, with barbed wire.  Cattle fencing, although a lot of horses live inside barbed wire fences, too.  A lot of horses have been crippled, disfigured, and all too often, killed by them, too.

This t-post, complete with barbed wire (in Texas, it’s also known as bobwire), is along a farm to market road.  It is NOT on my property!  Most of my horses have never met a barbed wire fence.  If I have my way, they never will.  It has its uses.  Containing horses safely isn’t one of them.

One other little note:  It’s amazingly difficult to get a camera to focus on a strand of fence wire from 15 feet away!  I finally settled on the post itself, because I’m just not steady-of-hand enough to keep a focus on the wire long enough to press the shutter!

BTW:  Due to the amount of worktime I have to do right now, I don’t often have the time or energy (mostly energy) to comment on others’ blogs.  I think everyone’s photos are fantastic, and I check them as often as possible, which is not often enough.  Please know, I DO enjoy everyone’s 365 Challenge blogs, even if I don’t often comment on them!




  1. Interesting thing about this wire – I’ll bet you could probably focus your camera so the wire actually disappeared. Barbed wire was invented not too far from me, in Dekalb, IL.

  2. A nasty fence in anyone’s language, as for the commenting on other blogs I’m sure that everyone understands that it’s not possible to make comments all the time and that other things take priority.

  3. I like that you focused on the entire scene here…the fence really stands out in the foreground and it gives us an idea of the whole area, really nicely done!

    You are doing a great job w/ the challenge, and like I always say, just do what you can and have fun!

  4. I find it really interesting that there are collectors of barbed wire knots. I collect a lot of different things, but that isn’t one of them!

    • Steven, just goes to show, people will collect anything! I, too, collect many things–even some that I must feed every day); bobwire has never been one of those things I’ve desired to have a lot of around the house!

      But, seriously, the people who collect barbed wire are real sticklers for detail! 😉

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