Posted by: dragonfur | March 6, 2011

359 White

I almost made this theme “Warm”, since global warming is the cause of all the strange weather we’ve been having the last few years–including record cold temps and record snowfall.  But I settled on “White”, because with the Texas summer on its way, “Warm” will NOT be a problem!

One last shot of the first of two freaky snowstorms we had down here.  Last year we had the all time record snowfall.  This time, the all time record cold temps for several days.  (Although, the winter of 1983 was the coldest, with 14 days of below freezing temps for the highs!  Snow that fell on Dec 14th, was still on the ground until New Year’s Day 1984.  Never saw that before–or since!)

Anyway, one last winter 2010 hurrah.




  1. I couldn’t believe when my friends from Austin said it was snowing…too weird (but I bet it was kinda a treat for you)! Great image from it anyways!

  2. I bet if you only get it once in a while, you can appreciate it. My appreciation died this season several months ago!

  3. The framing really adds to this lonesome tree and the white flakes falling all around.

  4. not much snow there…. we had snow since the end of november so I’m more than tired of it now. I like your framework

  5. Nice framing and a beautiful snowfall picture.

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