Posted by: dragonfur | March 11, 2011

183 Motion

Last of my pics.  For a few days anyway.  My computer has to go in the the Apple hospital for a new part.  I have weird vertical lines, 2 yellow, 2 magenta, 2 cyan, in various places on my screen, and they tell me it’s something to do with the LED.  Apple has issued a warranty for it, so fixing it will cost me nothing (except a week’s survival without my trusty iMac!)  Hope I can make it!!

So, one last photo for now, with Symphony in Motion.  (Can’t wait until body-clipping time:  mid April!)



  1. She is so pretty!! Sorry to hear about your computer! I would go nuts! lol. See when you get back! Oh and at least you have no snow! We got another 12″ yesterday and it drifted bad. *sigh*

  2. this is why I keep two laptops and an iPhone. I don’t know what I would do without my computer(s). Well, now you will have time to take more photos and at least you don’t have to pay to fix it. Symphony is just so cute. Are you sure she doesn’t want to live in my little backyard?

  3. Symphony in motion has such a pleasant sound to it, she just looks so soft and cuddly. Good luck with getting your imac fixed!

  4. It must be fix a mac time . . . my MacBook Pro has a bad hinge and is waiting to have a transplant . . . and I don’t have a spare. Symphony in motions is one gorgeous animal.

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