Posted by: dragonfur | March 20, 2011

24 Bloom (Mar 13 Catchup)

This is one of our plum trees, blooming with lovely pink blossoms.  These two trees started out as purple-leaf plum (ornamental) trees.  They did badly in this blackland soil.  They were not growing, not flourishing, so I paid a licensed arborist to come out and tell me how to kill them.  (Well, to help them actually, but it killed them–sort of.)  They died off, then came back from the roots (about a foot from where the previous purple-leaf tree had grown).  They were no longer purple, and they start each spring with blooms and fruit, but the fruit gets about golf ball size and quits growing.  After a few weeks, it drops off.  (Those trees are about to go bye-bye.  I want to replace them with something that’s pretty for more than 2 weeks in the year!)

This is a shot of the pretty time.



  1. Great color!

  2. The colors are great and so is the depth of field.

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