Posted by: dragonfur | March 21, 2011

4 Alive

Meant to post this yesterday, as yesterday’s post (rather than catchup), but after posting 3 catchup photos, I just forgot!  (My memory’s good, just short!)

So, anyway, here’s the photo for the first day of spring, when trees and such come ALIVE again.




  1. Beautiful but I am very jealous!! We are in a bit of a blizzard! The snow on our range road is deep. My big 4×4 drags bottom through it and I needed 4×4 low to get through it. Yuck!! Send me some of those flowers would you? lol

  2. Spring can have that effect on you apparently… this is a lovely image, nice focus on the flowers.

  3. Love the blossoms and the green leaves . . . spring has arrived!

  4. So pretty…I can hardly wait for that sight. But until then, I will enjoy yours! 🙂

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