Posted by: dragonfur | March 29, 2011

154 In the Details

This is a closeup of the berries and leaves (needles???) of the spruce or fir or whatever kind of tree my husband got for the front yard shortly after we moved into this house.  It was supposed to be one of those tall, slender, candle-flame type trees, but as it grew up, it grew out.  Whatever it is, it ain’t no candleflame!

It has these little almost blueberry-looking berries on it (that some kinds of birds love), but it sure looks better closeup in the details than it does altogether!  I kind of like this photo, but I really HATE that tree.  (Give me purple crepe myrtles, any day!)




  1. Looks like maybe a Juniper. I like the berries. Pretty!

  2. it has great texture in the needles.

  3. I love this picture…the evergreen greens combined w/ the muted color of the berries makes this very appealing!

  4. Greens and blues and textures and I love it.

  5. I agree, it looks like a juniper, I disliked the ones we inherited with one home I pulled them out. You did a great job with the details!!

  6. Clever photo for the theme

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