Posted by: dragonfur | May 10, 2011

231 Purple

Purple vetch, growing in patches in the yard, is a favorite of the horses when they get to come out to graze in the yard.  It is very rich, and can founder a horse quickly, especially a small one like a mini!  So, the opportunity to graze on the vetch is limited to 5 minute intervals per horse, much to their dismay (but safety, as well).  It got it’s name from . . . well, you see.



  1. Pretty but deadly if too much is eaten, is that right?

  2. I am not familiar with the term “founder a horse”. I’m assuming it’s toxic to them?

    • Gisele: Founder is a condition in the feet caused by inflamation. It can be caused by eating certain things, overeating anything, heat, fever, illness, spending too many hours standing with too much pressure (such as the Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, who foundered in both front feet and the left back one, following a serious injury to the right back one), and myriad other reasons. The hoof wall separates from the foot, and in the most severe cases, the arrowhead-shaped bone in the foot (called the coffin bone) rotates forward and down, causing severe pain. Laminitis (or founder as it’s more commonly known as) is the number 2 killer of horses, colic being number 1.
      More info than you wanted, I am sure. Sorry!

  3. Way too pretty to eat lol

  4. To bad something they like so much has to be bad for them.

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