Posted by: dragonfur | May 21, 2011

365 Yellow

No post yesterday (for once I have an actual excuse!).  We had some hellacious storms pass through here yesterday evening (3″ rain in 3 hours–spent a good part of this evening cleaning up flooded stalls, as the barn flooded), and I always disconnect my computer during thunderstorms in case of a lightning strike.  The house can burn, but I want to protect my computer!

These are those tiny yellow flowers again, with the background darkened.  Hard to believe these things are less than 1/2″ across, but they are so beautiful to me!  (Tomorrow’s are tiny blue-white flowers that are dwarfed by these yellow ones!)



  1. Love how they pop right off that dark background. Lovely!

  2. The black background brings out the bright color of the blooms.

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