Posted by: dragonfur | December 31, 2012

Who Says Old Ladies Can’t Run?

Who Says Old Ladies Can't Run?

Here’s my two senior citizens, Hope (the little one in front) and Polly, enjoying some round pen time while I cleaned their stalls yesterday. It’s still muddy (hate this Texas blackland!), so the only place they can’t get TOO muddy is the round pen. The girls–and all the other horses–took advantage of it to stretch their legs a bit. (Can’t tell they’re 28 & 29 years old from their activity levels!)



  1. Wow, old ladies can certainly run. Lovely image of your horses.

  2. How tall are they? Looks like they have their winter coats on.

    • Polly, the bigger one, is 32″ tall (and now 30 years old, as Jan 1 is official birthday for Miniature Horses). Hope, the smaller brown one is 29 years old and 28″ tall. (A lot of dogs are taller than she is!)

      And yes, they have good, fuzzy winter coats! (Wish I had one that good, but I’d prefer to be able to take it off, rather than having to shed it or have it shaved off!)

  3. Looks like they are having a wonderful time. Y’all are finally getting rain in Texas!!

    • Yes, finally, rain! And snow. And sleet. Had 1/2″ of sleet night before last (Jan 15th), covered with 1″ of snow–after getting 5″ of snow Christmas Day! Horses are bored stiff, stuck in stalls, but finally seeing bits of winter rye coming up! Yay!

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