Posted by: dragonfur | February 14, 2013

Radar, Trotting in the Round Pen

Radar, Trotting in the Round Pen

Isn’t he a handsome guy, winter fuzz and all? This is what gets me excited about him: Watching his HUGE, free-flowing trot. Incredible movement from one so small (38 1/2″ tall, makes him 1/2″ too tall to be a mini, and he’s the biggest one on the place, but still, that’s a BIG HORSE trot, not a mini or pony trot).

We are still working on trust issues–I haven’t worked with anyone much this winter. Hubs had a hip replaced at the end of August, and that occupied virtually ALL my time for a couple of months, and now the cold gets into my bones. (I hope Texas never really secedes from the USA, because I really, REALLY don’t want to move farther north to colder winters!)

Anyway, here’s Radar playing in the round pen, because everything is muddy and this is how I get them out of my way, and allow them a little exercise, while I’m cleaning their stalls. They are all grateful for the time outside in crummy weather!


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