Posted by: dragonfur | April 13, 2013

Ahhh, Springtime!

I went to the feedstore yesterday and looked at all the beautiful baby chicks they have.  So many lovely breeds!  And no, I did not come home with any.  I am content to look at them, and maybe hold one occasionally, but have no desire to acquire any more right now.  I’ve stored all my chicken-raising paraphernalia in the tool shed for now.  If I still enjoy being chicken-free next spring, I’ll offer them on craigslist or somewhere.

I’m kinda craving a baby goat. (shake head and cross eyes here)  I have wanted a couple of dairy goats, and it’s best to start with bottle babies, so you can raise them without getting the bad habits other people sometimes put into them–so easy to spoil a cocker spaniel-sized baby that weighs a couple of pounds!

Since I’ve turned vegan again–and it looks permanent this time!–dairy goats don’t seem a wise investment.  (Besides, to get goatsmilk, you have to breed the goats, which means you get babies.  Some of the babies will be male, which are hard to sell except for meat.  I’m not bringing mammal babies into this world for someone else to eat, sooooo, maybe not dairy goats!)  I’m still thinking about a wether, which is a castrated male.  You get the sweet temperament, and not the odiferous aggression of an adult buck.  I need to decide soon, as the babies are being born NOW!  

More on that later . . .


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