Posted by: dragonfur | April 18, 2013

West, Texas

Last night there was an explosion at a plant in the small town of West (between Dallas and Waco, on I-35W).  A fire first, to which a half-dozen volunteer firemen responded.  Cause of the explosion is at this time undetermined, but I’m sure that will change.  Only one of the firemen, one who is a police officer by profession, is accounted for at this time.  He is in hospital with serious injuries.

Nearby homes are gone, railroad tracks are twisted and warped, schools and businesses damaged.  A search and rescue operation going house to house is still underway.  The death toll stands at 5 to 15 (by the media–whether or not law enforcement agrees with that is questionable, as reporters seem to make up “news” as they go along if they have no information!), and injuries at 160.  Both are likely to go up.

First the Boston Marathon, terrorist attack, now this, accident/incident.  Latest in a string of tragedies.  Oh, one other tragedy for this week:  The Republicans in the Senate, along with a few chickenshit Democrats, prevented the background check bill from being voted on.  The NRA owns way too many of our “legislators”.  We need to change that.


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