Posted by: dragonfur | April 30, 2013

Spring Gardening

Last year I built a 4′ x 8′ raised bed garden, which has quickly proved to be nowhere near big enough!  

I’ve looked at the area in the front horse lot where my round pen used to be (it got moved behind the barn, rather than in front), and thinking about all the nice compost there is there.  I put a lot of used shavings & horse manure into the round pen because the black concrete (when it’s dry) or glue (when it’s wet) is not good to exercise horses in.  The shavings/manure gets broken down & packed down, and after a couple of years, there’s a nice layer of compost.

Instead of bringing that lovely compost to a new garden plot, I decided to bring the garden plot to the compost.  I’m fencing in a 26′ x 20′ area, got the tiller out there, and I’m in the process of breaking up the packed ground and loosening up the compost.  Planting will begin next week, barring weather delays!  (The 4’x8′ plot is full of tomato and bell pepper plants.)

I hope to have a decent garden for veggies this summer!  Wish me luck!


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