Posted by: dragonfur | December 31, 2012

Who Says Old Ladies Can’t Run?

Who Says Old Ladies Can't Run?

Here’s my two senior citizens, Hope (the little one in front) and Polly, enjoying some round pen time while I cleaned their stalls yesterday. It’s still muddy (hate this Texas blackland!), so the only place they can’t get TOO muddy is the round pen. The girls–and all the other horses–took advantage of it to stretch their legs a bit. (Can’t tell they’re 28 & 29 years old from their activity levels!)

Posted by: dragonfur | December 27, 2012

Western Falcon

I went out to feed the chickens and horses this morning, and there are usually sparrows in the pen, feasting on the scratch grain the chickens missed yesterday.  This morning, there was a flurry of wings, but much too big to be a sparrow.  It made a couple of tries at the chicken wire in a bit of a panic (I stayed back far enough that it didn’t truly panic) and after 3 tries, it found the opening in the top of the small run between the coop and the pen.  I had realized by then that it was a falcon!  The smaller western falcon, in size between the kestrel and the red-tailed hawk that is so prevalent out here, had a big fat rat in its talons, also a benefactor of the chickens’ missed feed.

It landed in the open of the front lot, where I would have to go by it to get to the barn, so I finished with the chickens and went back into the house for a cup of coffee, to give it time to finish its breakfast.

After it left and I had tended/fed the horses, I went to check out the breakfast site, found a small amount of fur and blood from the rat, but also feathers from a sparrow.  I get the feeling that my chicken pen is a regular early morning stop for that fellow!  He’s too small to get my chickens (since I don’t have little ones), so he’s welcome, since he’s taking care of the rats that I can’t get rid of.  I’d love to see him there every morning!

The opening over the run part is too small for a red-tailed hawk to take off from, so the chickens are safe (except maybe for a youngster that hasn’t figured that out, but the parents here seem very good teachers–hasn’t been an issue, yet) from them, and the falcon is less than half their size, and preys on smaller critters.

I always feel privileged when Mother Nature allows me to see one of her creatures up close.  People that hurry through life have no idea what they are missing.  One of the best things about my life is being able to observe, from a garden spider with her long black-stockinged legs building her zipper-centric web, to a mockingbird’s mating dance, to a falcon snatching a mouse, to my horses interacting with each other in their non-verbal language.  What a great start to this day!

Mornin’, y’all!

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The 365 in 2013 Photo Challenge

Well, I’m going to try it again this year.  I am using my Dragonfur’s Blog for the 2013 challenge.  You can get there two ways:  Directly, by clicking on the Blogroll link “The 365 in 2013 Photo Challenge, directly to the right of the top post.  Or, you can take the scenic route, by clicking on the Dragonfur Flying! at the bottom left corner of the header picture, then repeating on the Dragonfur’s Blog tab at the bottom left corner of THAT header picture.  (If you take the scenic route, feel free to stop and view the photos!  Can’t say stop and smell the roses because 1) there are no rose photos on there and 2) you can’t smell roses on a computer screen!)

Enjoy, and I welcome comments and constructive criticism.  I will also have links on the Dragonfur’s Blog to other participants in the challenge.  There are a lot of talented photographers out there, and I strongly recommend you spend a little time visiting their blogs and checking out their dynamite photos, as well.

The challenge commences January 1, 2013, so get ready!

Posted by: dragonfur | December 26, 2012

Hope & Polly December 2012

Hope & Polly December 2012

My two senior ladies: Hope, 28 years old & 28″ high, and Black Polly (who used to really be solid black) 29 years old and 31″ high.

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Navigating New Tabs on My Three Blogs

This blog was my 2011 photo challenge one, but rather than deleting it as I first thought to do, I decided that it will be my main farm/critter news site.  Lots of horse/chicken/cat/dog/?? photos will show up here.

At bottom left of the header photo is the tab for the next blog, Dragonfur Flying!  It will probably become the next photo challenge site.

Posted by: dragonfur | December 4, 2011

303 The Letter B (is for Bonfire)

As this year nears the end, I find I must share the last photo taken of my precious Bonfire, taken the morning of his last day.  The left hind leg, the stifle joint damaged beyond repair, is visible, the swollen, stiffened joint prominent.  This is what he lived with for two months, until his “good” leg and his back began to trouble him as well.

I will miss him forever, and I feel incredibly privileged to know him, to “own” him, to love him.  He was one in a million, and he was mine.  My heart is still raw, will be for a long time, but I am comforted knowing that he is no longer suffering.  (I wish I could say the same for me.)

Posted by: dragonfur | August 2, 2011

113 Four

This is my new FOUR-month-old miniature colt, Indian Creeks Elemental Magic (Magic, barn name).  After the death of my precious Bonfire on June 20, there has been a huge empty space in my barn (and my heart). No other horse will ever take Bonfire’s place–he was just SO special, bright, smart, and funny–but this baby  will begin to fill the empty space.

BTW:  My camera is currently out of commission, so this terrible photo was taken on my terrible phone (no smart phone, sorry!).  Still, I wanted to announce Magic’s arrival in my barn, my life, and my heart.  He’s a doll!


Posted by: dragonfur | May 30, 2011

235 Red

A huge stack of red bricks, waiting to go on a surprisingly small house (maybe 1500-1600 sf). Amazing how many bricks it takes to do one house.

I thought the stack was kind of interesting.  (But that’s just me . . .)


Posted by: dragonfur | May 21, 2011

365 Yellow

No post yesterday (for once I have an actual excuse!).  We had some hellacious storms pass through here yesterday evening (3″ rain in 3 hours–spent a good part of this evening cleaning up flooded stalls, as the barn flooded), and I always disconnect my computer during thunderstorms in case of a lightning strike.  The house can burn, but I want to protect my computer!

These are those tiny yellow flowers again, with the background darkened.  Hard to believe these things are less than 1/2″ across, but they are so beautiful to me!  (Tomorrow’s are tiny blue-white flowers that are dwarfed by these yellow ones!)

Posted by: dragonfur | May 19, 2011

175 Macro Shot

My buttercups again, or at least one of them.  (They’ve mostly been mowed down by my daughter.  I negotiated saving a patch of them.  For some reason, I’m the only one in my family that loves them.  Where did I go wrong as a parent and wife?   lol)

Fascinating things, buttercups, if you look close enough.  (But not too close:  you’ll get “butter” on your nose!)

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